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Decoding Your Dreams

Did you know that God speaks to you in dreams? 

Do you know how to interpret your dreams? 

In this revealing Decoding Your Dreams Bundle, Mignon Murrell shares on interpreting and understanding your dreams from a biblical perspective. From different types of dreams to common dream symbols, she gives the listener basic keys to help them learn how to interpret what God is saying to them about their lives while they sleep.

Included in this bundle are 2 mp3 teachings:

- Decoding Your Dreams - Part 1- Types of dreams 

- Decoding Your Dreams - Part 2 – Common Dream Symbol Meanings

PLS NOTE: We are offering this Bundle for a "Pay what you can Offering". Producing a podcast, videos and materials is an expensive endeavor but we do it for the love of Jesus and the encouragement of His people. We appreciate Your Financial and Prayer support. 

  • You'll get 2 revealing teachings that will help you learn how to interpret your own dreams and learn what God is saying to you.


Decoding Your Dreams

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